Said Rahimi

Participant Biography – Said Abdul Qader Rahimi 

2008 18th Annual Program - Australia

Said Abdul Qader Rahimi is the National Program Manager for Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission AIHRC) which was established in 2002. AIHRC focuses on the investigation and monitoring of human rights violations within Afghanistan, the promotion of the rights of women and children, human rights education and transitional justice. Said coordinates AIHRC’s programs throughout Afghanistan and provides advice to local offices. Basing on data collected by the AIHRC through field work, Said identifies those needing training on human rights issues and is currently attempting to increase the relationship between the AIHRC and Afghan NGOs by coordinating activities between the two groups whenever possible. Trained as an architect, Said was Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Kabul University before joining UNHCR and then AIHRC in 2003. AIHRC has worked closely with the Afghan government as well as UNICEF and Save the Children to provide a National Draft Plan to Combat Child Trafficking, which has been identified as a major problem in Afghanistan. Said wishes to build his skills in diplomacy and advocacy and to learn more effective ways of approaching government departments and international sources supporting the AIHRC.