15th Annual Program 2005 - Timor-Leste

Timor-Leste, 7th – 25th February 2005 


15th Annual Program Report

In February 2005 the 15th Annual Regional Human Rights and Peoples’ Diplomacy Training Program (DTP) was conducted in the Republic of Timor Leste. Twenty-six human rights defenders from thirteen countries across the Asia-Pacific region completed the program.

For the first time in its fifteen year history that DTP’s annual regional human rights defenders program was held in Timor-Leste.  It was organised in partnership with the Peace and Democracy Foundation (PDF) at the invitation of the Diplomacy Training Program’s Founder and Patron, José Ramos-Horta.   This was a special program, with the location and experiences of Timor-Leste making for an inspiring experience for all involved. 

For three weeks participants and trainers learnt about the UN and international human rights law, discussed human rights in the region, and learnt from each other’s experiences.  There was considerable East Timorese input into the program – through the hosts PDF, through the East Timorese trainers and participants and through a focus on the lessons from East Timor’s history and current challenges. 

DTP and its participants were particularly appreciative of the high level of involvement of José Ramos-Horta in the program – both through formal presentations and the time he made available for informal small group discussions on weekends.  The participants were also deeply appreciative of the opportunity to meet with the former political prisoner and leader of the East Timorese resistance and now President of Timor Leste, Xanana Gusmao.  

The Diplomacy Training Program would like to express its appreciation and thanks to all who made the Program possible including speakers, organisers and financial supporters. Finally, the DTP would like to thank the participants who contributed so much to the success of the program.