2021 UPR PNG

Papua New Guinea and Human Rights - Universal Periodic Review

 Online Capacity Building Program - December 2020-21

Deforestation in PNG, photo from Isidor Kaupon

Photo credit: Isidor Kaupon and people of Denangi, Inland Baining
Local Level Government, Gazelle District, East New Britain Province

The Diplomacy Training Program (DTP), The Pacific Islands Association of NGOs (PIANGO), Citizen’s Constitutional Forum (CCF) and OHCHR are running a national-level capacity building program for civil society in Papua New Guinea (PNG) to increase knowledge of, and participation in, the UN Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review (UPR) mechanism.   

In 2021, human rights in PNG are being reviewed in the UPR’s Third Cycle.  The UPR identifies key human rights issues and make recommendations to improve protection and fulfilment of human rights, including through international cooperation.  Civil society organisations (CSOs) have opportunities to participate in different stages of the review, to build knowledge and understanding of human rights, to engage in dialogue on key human rights issues and promote human rights-based approaches to development.

The UPR provides openings for civil society in PNG to come together and agree key issues on human rights, gender, disability, the environment, sustainable development,  business and climate change and to have their voices in a key inter-governmental forum in Geneva – as well as domestically.  

This capacity building program will be held through online sessions with the first phase conducted in March 2021 – with the possibility of participants in PNG  coming together for sessions in different locations in PNG. 

Participants include individuals and organisations active on issues of social justice, poverty and inequality, the environment, corporate accountability, the rights of persons with a disability, women’s rights, children’s rights.   Participants in this course may be involved in representing PNG CSO concerns at the PNG UPR Session scheduled for November 2021 in Geneva. 

For more information see the program brochure below.

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