Asma Yaqoob

Research Analyst at Institute of Regional Studies, Islamabad

Active in Country: Pakistan

DTP Alumna - 2004 14th Annual Program - Thailand

Asma Yaqoob is a DTP alumna and she participated in DTP 14th Annual Program in Thailand in 2004. She is currently the research analyst at the Institute of Regional Studies in Islamabad. Asma is also a teaching fellow at National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences – FAST, Chiniot-Faisalabad campus. Her specialised research area is water management in South Asia with a focus on cross-border water conflicts and human security.

Asma found the DTP program to be useful in her research work and enhanced her knowledge on human rights principles, international human rights conventions, various mechanism, advocacy and lobbying strategies.

The program enhanced my knowledge on human rights principles. This enabled me to research areas on how to uphold new and old principles and practices when promoting human rights in the region. This subsequently led me to further my education. I was awarded DFID Scholarship to do Master of Science in Practicing Sustainable Development from Royal Holloway College, University of London in UK

Since her graduation, Asma has regularly been attending regional and international conferences both as a speaker and a participant within and outside Pakistan. In January 2013, she was invited by the New America Foundation to present a paper on “Climate Change and Water Security: A Way Forward for Collaboration between India and Pakistan” in a conference held in Dubai. She also attended the US-South Asia Leadership Engagement Program for Charting the Water Future of South Asia at Harvard Kennedy School, USA in May 2013.

Asma has 12 research publications on subjects concerned with human development through national and regional water management in South Asia. Asma’s former papers have also included “Muslims as an Identity Group in South Asia” as well as “Bangladeshi Illegal Immigrants in India: A Human Security Dimension”.



Profile written November 2016.  Picture withheld for security reasons.