Binota Moy Dhamai

Quantitative Social Research, Environmental Economics at Australian National University

Active in Country: Originally from Bangladesh, currently studying in Australia

DTP Trainer and Alumnus: 2004 Indigenous Peoples Program – Australia as a participant


(Photo: DTP Alumnus & Trainer, Binota Moy Dhamai with Sir Ron Wilson Human Rights Award)


Binota Moy Dhamai joined DTP’s 2004 Indigenous Peoples, Human Rights and Development Program to learn more about human rights and development and international advocacy and has returned as a trainer on later DTP courses. 


In Bangladesh’s Chittagong Hills Tracts (CHT), hundreds of thousands of Indigenous people – known collectively as the Jumma – have been internally displaced by armed conflict, land theft and intercommunal violence across more than forty years. They have endured decades of human rights abuses. Although Jumma leaders and the Bangladesh government signed a peace accord in 1997 providing recognition and protection for the rights of the Jumma peoples, the CHT Peace Accord has not been implemented.


Binota Moy Dhamai, is a Jumma-Tripura, from the CHT. He was an active student leader in CHT, but left to take up a UN Fellowship. He is a Board Member of the UN Voluntary Fund for Indigenous Peoples, Executive Council Member of the Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact and Assistant General Secretary of the Bangladesh Indigenous Peoples Forum, Bangladesh.


“Our ancestral land is being taken away... our traditions and customs are being destroyed... the ethnic existence of the Indigenous Jumma people of the CHT is on the verge of final extermination. The Bangladesh government has failed to build trust due to their discriminatory activities and the non-implementation of the CHT Accord... we need a collective voice to protect the Jumma people, and to seek intervention from the international community to implement the Accord properly.”


Profile was part of 2015 DTP's 25th Anniversary Exhibition