Building Advocacy Capacity and Skills for Nepal’s Indigenous Human Rights Defenders

On 22nd September 2012, the Diplomacy Training Program (DTP) conducted a special capacity building program for advocates from Nepal living in Australia.  The Diplomacy Training Program has had a long association with the human rights movement in Nepal – and in particular with the activists working on the rights of indigenous peoples.  

The program was developed in response to the continuing gross violations of human rights in Nepal, the need for a more effective international response to these violations, and the commitment of advocates from Nepal in Australia to work together for more effective human rights action.

The program adapted DTP’s methodology to the situation of advocates living in Australia.  It was decided that a non-residential program in Australia would be most accessible to the range of community advocates who could benefit.  It was also agreed that in addition to human rights law and the UN system, the program would include a focus on the realities and challenges facing advocates in Australia – how the Australian government works, the role of MPs, the Australian media, fundraising and outreach to the broader community.