Cambodia Program

A Capacity Building Program for Advocates in the Asia-Pacific Region (Cambodia, 15th-19th October, 2007)

The Diplomacy Training Program’s 4th Regional Capacity Building Program on Human Rights and Migrant Workers took place in Cambodia from October 15th-19th, 2007. There were participants from Cambodia, Mongolia, Australia, Burma/Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Timor-Leste and the Philippines.

The program focussed on developing knowledge and understanding of the international human rights framework, with emphasis on those specific international standards relating to Migrant Workers. There was also a focus on building practical skills in lobbying and advocacy. The program provided participants with an opportunity to share knowledge and experience, strategies and skills. The program encouraged participants to explore how they might work together in different ways, within countries and across borders, to uphold the human rights of migrant workers.


The Project Report is here.