Capacity Building Program on Human Rights Advocacy and Migrant Workers in the Middle East (2016)

This program, held in partnership with Migrant Forum Asia (MFA) and Georgetown University Qatar (GUQ), continued the ground-breaking efforts of the Diplomacy Training Program (DTP) and MFA to promote respect for the rights of migrant workers in the GCC and Middle East.  The program took place in Doha, Qatar from October 30 - November 03 2016. 

The program brought together over 30 participants from 13 countries – including Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Jordan, UAE, the Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, the Philippines and Indonesia – working with trade unions, national human rights institutions, NGOs, business and migrant communities.  They work on urgent and compelling cases of abuses of rights – including forced labour, trafficking, sexual assault and forced prostitution.  There were sessions with William Gois (MFA) and Carolina Hernandez (OHCHR) and with Professor Ray Jureidini, author of the ILO White Paper on reforming recruitment. The program built the knowledge, skills and networks of participant and the feedback was very positive.