Capacity Building Program for Young Australian Indigenous Advocates (Australia, 16-20 February, 2009)

A Capacity Building Program for Young Australian Indigenous Advocates (Australia, 16-20 February, 2009)


From February 16-20, 2009, the Diplomacy Training Program (DTP) hosted and facilitated a capacity building program for 30 young Indigenous Australian advocates.  The program aimed to provide the participants with information and knowledge of international human rights standards and the UN system, to explore the relevance of these standards to the issues they are concerned with, and to assist them in building their advocacy skills. 

The program provided an intense introduction on developing knowledge and understanding of the international human rights framework and its relevance to Australia, with a particular focus on the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.  There were dedicated sessions on the Rights of the Child and on the Rights of Women, including the opportunity to participate in a consultation for the Australian NGO Parallel Report to the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women.  The program also focused on developing advocacy and media skills.

The program also provided opportunities for participants to articulate their experiences and concerns, build support networks and to explore different approaches to developing effective advocacy strategies and skills.  Participants went on a field visit to the Redfern Community Centre and to the new studios of Koori Radio. 

The program was evaluated very positively by the participants anonymously through completion of both individual trainer evaluations and end of training evaluation forms.  These evaluations and subsequent feedback from participants indicated that the program more than fulfilled the expectations and hopes of participants.   A number of the participants in the program were selected and supported to attend the UN’s Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues and had the opportunity to put the training they received into practice.


The Project Report is here.