Chalida Tajaroensuk

Director at People’s Empowerment Foundation (PEF)

Active in Country: Thailand

DTP Alumna: 1994 5th Annual Program – Australia

I appreciate H.E José Ramos Horta’s work to DTP as he provided the platform for human rights defenders in the region to collaborate.

Chalida is the Director for People’s Empowerment Foundation (PEF), a Bangkok-based foundation addressing the needs of grassroots civil society networks in Thailand. PEF works to promote a wide range of human rights and human security issues throughout Thailand and Southeast Asia by serving as a civil society network through which community-based partner organisations share knowledge, strategies, and resources to work together for positive social change.

As the Director, Chalida comes up with creative means to educate the community on human rights standards and mechanisms. PEF has produced a manual that highlights the benefits of utilising various UN mechanisms such as the Universal Periodic Review and different UN Committees. PEF also produced cartoons for communities to understand and engage with human rights principles.

I am proud to bring UN standards to the ground and make UN belong to the people which local people can use it for the benefit of the wider community. 

PEF submitted its NGO shadow reports in the 1st and 2nd UN Universal Periodic Review cycle to various treaty bodies - CERD, ICCESCR and ICCPR, and submitted a SDGs shadow report goal 1 to the High Level Political Forum in New York.  PEF also encourages its network (Southern Thailand group, LGBTI groups, HIV Aids groups and Indigenous women groups) to write its own shadow report. PEF also assists vulnerable groups like farmers, Thai workers and urban workers in writing reports.

Chalida’s and PEF’s mission is to create sustainable mechanisms for individuals, community organizations and grassroots coalitions by bringing them together to collaborate to achieve social change.

DTP training gave me the confidence to talk in public. I was able to give interviews to the media, talk with high-level officials and politicians and in the UN human rights council  forum on human rights issues in Thailand. Now, I am a human rights lobbyist in Thailand and in the Asia region.

Having participated in 1994 DTP’s 5th Annual Program in Australia, Chalida see the value in investing in the training of human rights defenders and activists and has a high regard for DTP’s work.


It is very important to learn how to use human rights mechanisms to protect victims and to improve a human rights situation.  DTP provided this knowledge to me and in turn I was able to teach local people and communities in Thailand to understand human rights standards.



Profile written August 2017