Danilo Afonso Henriques

Timor-Leste Representative (Delegate) at Forum of Macau

Active in Country: Timor-Leste, China, Macau

DTP Alumnus: 1993 4th Annual Program - Australia 


DTP gave me the tools on how to focus and address issues to various audiences. It provided me with the confidence and strength to talk to foreign representatives at the United Nations in New York, Congressmen and Senators in the United States, solidarity groups, the media and other groups with a focused message...


Danilo participated in Regional Human Rights and Peoples Diplomacy Training Program in Australia in 1994, one of five young East Timorese that had been selected as future “Youth Ambassadors” to promote and build support for Timor Leste’s struggle for human rights, peace and self-determination. He reflects now that the program gave him a unique opportunity and a wonderful exposure of the plight and struggles that were prevalent in the region during that time. It made Danilo realise the importance of networking and building alliances.


The DTP’s successful model of diplomacy and advocacy has been a useful resource throughout my professional career from working in civil society to moving into the public sector.


I believe the DTP program provides useful skills, tools and resources and allows one to look out from within your organisation or cause through the lens of a wider and interconnected society and global context.


Danilo is currently Timor-Leste’s Representative (Delegate) at the Forum of Macau – the multilateral economic and commercial platform between China and Portuguese speaking countries.


No matter what role I am in or who I have engaged with throughout the years - whether it is NGOs, organisations, United Nations, or when I am on a diplomatic mission, or in business, I believe it is imperative to interact and have a dialogue with various individuals and groups, work together in an effort to find solutions on cross-sectoral issues and problems.


 Profile written June 2016