Dev Chandra Rai

Program Officer at Asian Human Rights and Culture Development Forum (Asian Forum) 

Active in Country: Nepal

DTP Alumnus: DTP's Migrant Workers Programs and DTP's Fellowship Program 

The DTP training programs have always encouraged me to work for the promotion and protection of the rights of migrant workers and to help distressed migrant workers as much as I can.


Dev is a Program Officer working for the Asian Forum (Migrants’ Center). Asian Forum is a returnee migrant workers’ organisation established in 2005, working for the human rights of migrant workers and their families. Dev’s responsibilities within the organisation include developing proposals, implementing program activities, counselling migrant workers on safe migration, and advocacy and lobbying for the rights of migrant workers. He also provides information to people seeking work abroad and informs them on the legal standards related to foreign employment.


The DTP training was the first professional training in my life. I learnt about the UN procedures and the international instruments in relation to migrant workers. I also gained skills to apply the mechanisms for the promotion and protection of the rights of migrant workers. The training programs have provided me with real-life exposures as well as a platform to work together on the issues of migrant workers with national and international key actors.


Having completed four training programs with DTP, Dev improved his skills such as communication, negotiation and building networks and has applied the knowledge and skills gained into his work.


The DTP training programs provided me with opportunities to represent myself in international forums. I spoke about the issues of Nepali migrant workers and initiated lobbying and advocacy with concerned stakeholders on the rights of migrant workers. I encouraged the promotion and protection of their rights in countries of origin and destination.


Profile written July 2017

*Dev is now the Coordinator of the National Network of Safe Migration (updated Nov 2017)