Diaspora Communities

Australia is home to many diaspora communities - including from countries in which there are ongoing human rights abuses, sometimes in the context of conflict.  From its establishment, the Diplomacy Training Program has worked with East Timor's diaspora communities in Australia - providing training in human rights and advocacy to its refugees and representatives. DTP was seen as providing a neutral space, committed to education, in which individuals of different political and ideological affiliations could come together to learn about human rights standards, share experiences, develop their skills, find common ground and build respectful relationships.

DTP has built on this experience and has responded to requests to provide training for Tibetan advocates, advocates from communities in Burma (including Karen, Shan, Mon, Rohingya, Burman and others), from West Papua and from Nepal. The training programs address the challenges that communities face here in Australia and include building knowlege about the Australian political system - as well as building knowledge in relation to international human rights standards and mechanisms.