Dilshan Weerasinghe

Migrant Rights Activist and a Convener for Migrant News Lanka

Active in Country: Sri Lanka

DTP Alumnus: Migrant Workers Program Module 1-5 - Sri Lanka

Dilshan attended DTP Migrant Workers Module Program in Sri Lanka from 2014 to 2015. Prior to Migrant News Lanka, Dilshan worked at Centre for Human Rights and Development (CHRD) as a program coordinator. At CHRD, he provided leadership to the Labour Migration Program and worked on operational issues, as well as on the policy-making level with regards to the safe migration process.  He was involved in advocacy and networking at the national level. He provided legal aid to migrant workers, trainings to advocates, and liaised with government officials on behalf of civil society on the rights of migrant workers. He facilitated in the development of a network of foreign workers and stakeholders on Safe Migration.


He continues to advocate for migrant workers’ rights at Migrant News Lanka. He is currently advocating for voting rights for migrant workers, pension rights, duty-free permits, access to remedy and justice for migrant workers. He is also training activists on safe migration.


The DTP program was extremely helpful for Dilshan. It was an opportunity to build a network and solidarity with activists fighting the same cause.


I was facing difficulty addressing and promoting the rights of migrant workers and I was able to link with other peer activists. These networks have helped me


Dilshan highlights that the DTP training program helped him develop strategies to facilitate his work in advocacy. He learnt the importance of collating and organising facts and evidence before lobbying for a cause to representatives of the Government.  The DTP program also improved Dilshan’s knowledge on human rights conventions. 


My knowledge on International conventions was very low, but with DTP workshops it helped me gain a better understanding of the conventions and international laws. After the program, my level of CONFIDENCE GREW IN LEAPS AND BOUNDS! I started to lecture on topics such as Gender Based Violence, and How Toxic Chemicals Affects our Nutrition and Women’s Rights at My Work with the Sarvodaya Women’s Movement (SWM)



Profile written January 2017