Please help us provide training for the next generation of human rights advocates in the Asia-Pacific Region!

For 30 years the Diplomacy Training Program (DTP) has been building human rights capacity in the Asia-Pacific. We urgently need your support to continue this vital work at this critical time, delivering support and solidarity from Australia to human rights movements in the region. 


Human rights are threatened as the Covid-19 virus follows the fault lines of discrimination and disadvantage in societies, by rising racism and discrimination towards migrants and refugees, and by government responses restricting speech and civil liberties. The multilateral system of international cooperation, so vital to protecting and promoting shared values of human dignity and rule of law is being undermined and attacked.


Civil society across Asia and the Pacific is on the frontline responding – making the demands that we “build back better”, and they need your support.


At a time of closing borders, isolation and physical distancing, DTP’s relationships of trust, built over 30 years are more important than ever. These relationships based on shared values have become channels for solidarity and communication, linking peoples and organisations across closed borders.


Movements for human rights have mobilised to respond to the challenges of Covid-19. They have been delivering food to isolated Indigenous communities in India and Bangladesh, to migrant workers in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Qatar and Dubai, the women and men who have lost their jobs and been locked down, far from home. They have been challenging racism and fake news, disseminating accurate health advice, and pressing for access to health care.


But their work has become more difficult. Authoritarian governments have become more authoritarian, passing new laws that limit freedom of speech and targeting critics. Civil society has stood up – living the values that the world needs now, showing concern and solidarity.


Now we are asking you to stand with them, to give them support.


Last year DTP was awarded the 2019 Asia Democracy and Human Rights Award. Taiwan President Tsai Ing-Wen said:


“The Diplomacy Training Program has made it possible for the seeds of human rights to flourish and bear fruit around the world, and offer mutual support.”


We need your help now to nurture these seeds of human rights across Asia and the Pacific. Our work hasn’t stopped. We are working to ensure the voices of the marginalised are heard, to connect them, to support them with the knowledge and skills to make an impact. These individuals and movements will be critical to shaping our post Covid-19 world and region, to upholding shared values of human rights and dignity.


Please help build the future we need by donating now.


Thank you

Patrick Earle
Executive Director

Diplomacy Training Program (DTP)

30 Years of Building Human Rights Capacity in Asia-Pacific

2019 Asia Democracy and Human Rights Award / 2015 ACFID Sir Ron Wilson Human Rights Award



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Since its establishment by José Ramos-Horta and Garth Nettheim in 1989, the Diplomacy Training Program has emerged as a unique organisation playing a significant role in providing knowledge and skills to frontline human rights defenders across the Asia-Pacific region and to Indigenous Australians.

In 2003, José Ramos-Horta launched the Friends of the Diplomacy Training Program.

Through their donations, Friends of the Diplomacy Training Program:

  • Enable human rights defenders and advocates to receive the training they need to make a difference in their communities and our region.
  • Ensure the independence of the Diplomacy Training Program enabling it to respond to the needs of advocates on the frontline.
  • Are investing in peaceful diplomacy today to avoid the costs of conflict tomorrow.

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