Dr. Subash Mohaptra

Convener at End Corporate Abuse 

Active in Country: India

DTP Alumnus: 2016 Human Rights, Indigenous Peoples, the Private Sector and Development - Indonesia


The DTP program is important because it facilitates human rights movements in India. DTP has trained me to advocate for human rights in a meaningful way.


Dr. Subash Mohaptra is the Convener for a Campaign called ‘End Corporate Abuse’ in India. End Corporate Abuse is a platform for civil society organisations, lawyers, researchers and communities affected by industrialisation and corrupt business practices.  The campaign is led by Global Human Rights Communications http://ghrcweb.blogspot.com.au/


Dr. Mohaptra actively defends the rights of affected Indigenous Peoples and rural communities. He focuses on the importance of free, prior and informed consent.  Following his participation in the DTP course, Dr. Mohaptra developed networks with DTP trainers and other participants. Jannie Lasimbang’s sessions were the highlight of the course - providing useful information, including on different international mechanisms. 


He also learnt from other DTP participants who were advocating on various business and human rights issues, and they have assisted him to develop other means to campaign and lobby for the rights of Indigenous peoples.


The DTP training program taught us how to negotiate! Over the past year, I negotiated with a big financial institution in Japan who had a mining project in India. And the project would have evicted the Indigenous peoples from their land. Due to the negotiation skills I have learnt from the DTP training, I was able to negotiate on this issue and be the voice for the Indigenous peoples. I highlighted their plight – ‘no home, no crops, no livelihood’. The negotiations have resulted in the suspension of the mining project!


Since completing the DTP training program, Dr. Mohaptra has improved his advocacy skills and gained a deeper understanding to the issues in the region. The role-plays and interactions with other DTP participants and trainers enabled Dr. Mohaptra to utilise a range of different human rights mechanisms and advocacy tools.


I found the program to be enriching and it has certainly helped me to reflect on my advocacy work.  Because of the interactive program, I am better informed as a human rights defender on the issues experienced by Indigenous peoples in India. It was a good experience!


Interview conducted September 2017                                    

Profile written September 2017