DTP Alumni Workshop on Universal Periodic Review, Bangladesh (Aug 2016)

The workshop was organised in Dhaka by alumni of DTP and took place on 26th August 2016. This was the first such initiative of the DTP alumni in Bangladesh.   

There were 50 participants in the workshop, drawn from over 17 NGOs and CSOs working on a diverse range of human rights issues in Bangladesh including:

  • The rights of migrant workers – including migrant domestic workers
  • The rights of Indigenous peoples
  • The rights of persons with disabilities
  • Women’s rights and gender discrimination
  • The situation of workers in the garment sector – mainly women
  • Labour rights
  • Discrimination, intolerance and attacks on religious minorities
  • The situation of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual Bangladeshis
  • Rights for elderly people
  • Free speech and freedom of association
  • The safety of human rights defenders

One of the potential advantages of advocacy around the UPR process is that covers all human rights and that it creates a space for organisations working on different human rights issues to come together, and develop complementary strategies and approaches with a long term perspective.

One outcome of the workshop was the interest of DTP alumni establishing a DTP alumni association in Bangladesh to organise similar initiatives.  Another outcome was the interest expressed among the participants in following up this initiative on the UPR with further discussions on how the UPR process could be used to engage with the government, identify shared human rights priorities and build wider awareness and support for human rights.

See Workshop Report