DTP Trainers

The Diplomacy Training Program (DTP) draws upon some of the most respected and experienced human rights academics and practitioners in the region and beyond. 

Their pro-bono contribution makes the work of the Diplomacy Training Program possible.  Their involvement is an affirmation of the value they see in DTP's work in building skills and knowledge in others, and of their commitment to empowering those who are doing the often difficult and dangerous work of defending and promoting human rights in their societies. 

DTP is profoundly grateful to all those who contribute to its programs for their generosity in sharing their knowledge and experience.

DTP Trainer - Joshua Cooper's Feedback (Made in 2016)

DTP Trainer, Joshua Cooper talking about his experience as a trainer and the value of DTP training programs


Dr Abrar Chowdhury (Migrant Workers' Rights)

Aderito Soares (Human Rights and Peoples' Diplomacy)

Alix Nasri (Migrant Workers' Rights)

Ameena Ahmadi (Migrant Workers' Rights)

Amy Sinclair (Human Rights and Business)

André Frankovits (Migrant Workers' Rights)

Professor Andrew Byrnes (DTP Board and Advisory Council)

Arul Prakkash (Video Advocacy)

Andy Nilsen

Dr Aurora Parong (Indigenous Peoples' Rights)

Azfar Khan (Migrant Workers' Rights)

Bandita Sijapati (Migrant Workers' Rights)

Barb Shaw

Betty Kiernan

Bill Barker (Australian Indigenous Programs)

Binota Moy Dhamai

Brian Wyatt (Australian Indigenous Programs)

Carolyn Tanner (Human Rights and Peoples' Diplomacy)

Chandra Roy (Indigenous Peoples' Rights)

Charles Santiago

Christina Hill

Dr Colin Nicholas

Professor Dalee Sambo Dorough (Human Rights' Defenders)

Debbie Stothard (Business & Human Rights)

Devendra Raj Bhattarai (Migrant Workers' Rights)

Dip Magar

Elaine Peckham (Australian Indigenous Programs)

Dr Elizabeth Evatt (Human Rights and Peoples' Diplomacy)

Ellene Sana (Migrant Workers' Rights)

Emma Sydenham

Attorney Evalyn Ursua

Filomeno St. Ana (Human Rights and Business)

François Crepeau (Migrant Workers' Rights)

Emeritus Professor Garth Nettheim (Indigenous Peoples' Rights)

Professor George Aditjondro

Gerald Pachoud (Human Rights and Business)

Glenda Gloria (Human Rights and Business)

Hala Al Ali (Migrant Workers' Rights)

Hari Phuyal (Migrant Workers' Rights)

Professor Harry HL Roque (Human Rights and Business)

Hélène Harroff-Tavel (Migrant Workers' Rights)

Professor Hilary Charlesworth (DTP Board and Advisory Council)

Homayoun Alizadeh (Human Rights Defenders)

Imelda Deinla

Ineke Boerefijn (Human Rights Defenders)

Janine Gertz

Jannie Lasimbang

Jerald Joseph (Indigenous Peoples' Rights)

Joan Carling (Indigenous Peoples' Rights)

Joan Mitchell

Joao Pequinho

Dr John Pace (DTP Board and Advisory Council)

Joel Pereira

Jose Molintas (Human Rights and Business)

Jose Ramos-Horta

Joshua Cooper (Indigenous Peoples' Rights)

Justine Nolan (Human Rights and Business)

Kane Hughes

Karen Gomez-Dumpit (Migrant Workers' Rights)

Kieren Fitzpatrick (Human Rights Defenders)

Kiyah Missen

Kylie Marks

Lez Malezer (Australian Indigenous Programs)

Lita Saramento (Human Rights and Peoples' Diplomacy)

Lorelle Savage

Louis Gentile

Luc Demaret

Mahendra Pandey (Migrant Workers' Rights)

Mandira Sharma (Migrant Workers' Rights)

Maria Amelia de Araujo Ximenes (Human Rights and Peoples' Diplomacy)

Marie Apostol (Migrant Workers' Rights)

Marie-José Tayah

Martin Oelz

Mary Shanthi Dairiam (Migrant Workers' Rights)

Matthew Keeley (Child Rights)

Maureen O’Donnell (Australian Indigenous Programs)

Dr Max Ooft (Migrant Workers' Rights)

Dr Megan Davis

The Honourable Michael Kirby

Michelle Watson

Michihiro Ishibashi (Migrant Workers' Rights)

Professor Mick Dodson (Australian Indigenous Programs)

Ambassador Miles Armitage

Minnie Degawan (Indigenous Peoples' Rights)

Nidal Jurdi

Nilim Baruah (Migrant Workers' Rights)

Norm Newlin

Nuno Rodriguez Tchailoro (Human Rights and Peoples' Diplomacy)

Emeritus Professor Paul Redmond (Indigenous Peoples' Rights)

Patrick Earle

Peter Nathan

Peter Heyward

Philip Chung (Human Rights and Advocacy)

Rafendi Djamin

Rajeev Sharma (Migrant Workers' Rights)

Dr. Ramy Bulan

Ravi Nair (Human Rights and Business)

Ray Jureidini (Migrant Workers' Rights)

Dr Renu Rajbhandari (Migrant Workers' Rights)

Renuka Balasubramaniam (Migrant Workers' Rights)

Rex Varona (Migrant Workers' Rights)

Ryan Baruwei

Ryan Schlief

Ryszard Cholewinski

Sallie Don

Sam Gregory (Human Rights and Peoples' Diplomacy)

Samar Tarawneh

Dr Sarah Pritchard (Australian Indigenous Programs)

Sayeed Ahmad

Sek Sophorn (Indigenous Peoples' Rights)

Seelan Palay (Human Rights and Peoples' Diplomacy)

Serena Lillywhite (Indigenous Peoples' Rights)

Shree Kumar Maharjan

Surya Deuja (Migrant Workers' Rights)

Surya Deva (Human Rights and Business)

Tammy Solonec (Australian Indigenous Programs)

Tania McLeod

Tracey Carpenter

Ursula Kulke

Professor Virginia Dandan (Human Rights and Peoples' Diplomacy)

William Gois (Migrant Workers' Rights)