Feby Let Fanny M Boseren

Papuan Women’s Human Right Network

Active in Country: Indonesia/Papua

DTP Alumna: 2014 Indigenous Peoples Program - Myanmar 


Before I attended the DTP program, my knowledge on local and national human rights was limited. I did not understand about the legal mechanisms, especially on women’s rights. I now know about the UN procedures and mechanisms available and how I can advocate towards achieving women’s rights in Papua.

Feby works with the Papuan Women’s Human Right Network, and part of her role entails advocating on behalf of the Papuan women, as well as on land and territory issues face by the wider Papuan community.

I have worked in Jayapura, Papua as a volunteer on the issues of women - advocating on cases involving palm oil plantations and violence against women. I educate them on the implications of gender-based violence and advocate to members of the PapuaParliament on promoting and protecting their rights. I also emphasise the importance of employingFree, Prior and Informed Consent(FPIC)when fighting for their rights to land and territories.

Feby participated DTP’s 2014 regional Indigenous Peoples program (Myanmar) to gain a better knowledge and understanding on how to assist the Indigenous peoples in Papua. She reflects on what she has gained from the DTP program and how this has assisted in her advocacy work on women’s rights in Papua:

DTP has taught me to look at the countries that have ratified the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and how to apply the principles laid out in CEDAW, as well as OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises in ensuring responsible business practices are conducted in Papua. I have also gained skills in how to submit an individual complaint to the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPOagainst an unethical company.

This program has taught me how to design a petition to fight for your rights, taught us how to amplify your voices and build solidarity. And the importance of involving and collaborating with National Commission on Human Rights.                                                              


Profile written April 2017