Flora Bawi Nei Mawi

Coordinator for REDD Project at Chin Human Rights Organisation

Active in Country: Myanmar

DTP Alumna: 2012 Indigenous Peoples Program - Malaysia

Flora Bawi Nei Mawi is an alumna from the DTP Indigenous Peoples Program in Sabah in 2012. She is with Chin human rights organisation - Coordinator for REDD Project.  Flora works on climate change issues, to make Indigenous women more visible and to ensure their voices are heard in processes affecting them.

As part of her work she represents her organization and engages with the Myanmar Government - nationally and sub-nationally including over the development of their Safeguard policies for climate change. She also engages with international process around the UN Convention on Climate Change and will be attending the UNFCC intersessional meeting in Germany next year.  She initiated a process with other Indigenous women’s organization to prepare and submit a shadow report for CEDAW.

She herself identifies as a Chin indigenous woman and believes the training gave her a better understanding of indigenous issues and provided her with skills to effectively engage in dialogue with relevant stakeholders in promoting indigenous rights.  She tells us that the DTP training was very helpful and as a result her organisation has asked her to take on these roles of engaging the government on a range of issues: she has been appointed to work with the Chin Committee for Emergency Response and Rehabilitation on managing disaster response. 

I have stayed in touch with the trainers and resource people. I have developed an FPIC project based on the materials from Oxfam and on subsequent interaction with Serena Lillywhite (DTP trainer and Oxfam staff member)

She perceives the greatest challenge facing Indigenous peoples as the lack of awareness of their rights and their inability to receive information and give informed consent on many policies that affect them.



Profile written April 2016