Htoo Chit

Executive Director of the Foundation for Education and Development

Active in Country: Myanmar

DTP Alumnus: 2003 13th Annual Program - Thailand & 2004 Migrant Workers Program - Indonesia



Htoo Chit participated in the DTP's 13th Annual Program in Thailand in 2003 and 2004 Migrant Workers Program in Indonesia.

Htoo works for two human rights organisations based in Thailand that focus on the rights of Burmese migrant workers. He is Executive Director of the Foundation for Education and Development, one of the largest Burmese NGOs, and Chairman of the Mekong Migration Network. He was recognised in Thailand as an Ashoka Fellow in 2008. Htoo took part in DTP’s Annual Human Rights and Peoples’ Diplomacy Program in Thailand in 2003 and the Migrant Workers’ Program in Jakarta in 2004. On each course he was able to work with other participants from NGOs across the region, sharing best practice guidance and bringing back new skills and concepts for human rights advocacy.


Myanmar is a source country for women, children and men trafficked for forced labour and commercial sexual exploitation. The victims are trafficked to Thailand, China, Malaysia and Macau. Even those who migrate voluntarily can find themselves in situations of forced labour, including sex work.


“As victims of human trafficking, mothers are delivering babies on boats without medical assistance while crossing the Andaman Sea; men and women are enslaved on Thai fishing boats; while underage girls are forced into the sex trade. We should not tolerate these types of abuses anywhere in the world in the 21st century. All parties must work together to provide legal and humanitarian assistance to migrants”


Profile was part of 2015 DTP's 25th Anniversary Exhibition