Indigenous Peoples, Human Rights and Advocacy Training Program

Program Dates: 15 – 19 July (2013)

Location: Alice Springs


This program brought together a diverse group of participants. There was strong interest nationally in this program and so while priority was given to applicants from Alice Springs and surrounding communities there was also representation from the Top End, from Tennant Creek and from New South Wales. The participants were mainly involved in health and service delivery in their communities and organisations. All participants were engaged with and committed to seeking ways to improve the well-being of the local communities from which they came.

Rosalie Kunoth-Monks spoke to the participants about her experiences and reflections on the impact of colonisation on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the continuing de facto status of Aboriginal people as third-class citizens on their lands. Mrs Kunoth Monks also spoke about her pride in the 40,000 year-old rituals that kept the Aboriginal people together in harmony.

We’ve got to take that pride in the essence of a black people back, in the culture and family history. This soul and these laws live on in the next generations. We are the noble people of this country… without us, Australia will not have culture.


In the course of the training, the participants engaged in discussions about their issues of concern and worked with these topics in a number of practical advocacy and campaigning exercises. In this way the training afforded the group an opportunity to raise their concerns, to identify the possibilities of utilising human rights standards and mechanisms to seek just outcomes and to develop action plans for concerted lobbying and campaigning on their concerns.


The Diplomacy Training Program wishes the participants well in their advocacy and has committed to support them in accessing tools and information for effective advocacy of their rights.


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