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Founder of Institute for Social Change-ISC 

Active in Country: Pakistan

DTP Alumnus: 2011 Indigenous Peoples Program - Philippines

I attended the DTP training program at Baguio City in Philippines in 2011. It gave me manifold opportunities and a profound understanding of the human rights subject. This encouraged me to work on the human rights issues in an organized and systematic way, especially in Sindh, a province of Pakistan. After attending this training I initiated my Organization named Institute for Social Change-ISC which is mainly focusing on Human Rights Education and Peace-Building in Sindh.

In fact, that training taught me lot and inspired me so that I could work for the human rights education among the youth. This is the reason that I have conducted a number of training sessions for youth and community activists on human rights education, which I have been sharing to you from time to time. Recently, I organized a training on the International Human Rights System in March 2013 in which more than 45 youth of diversified background participated.

Previously, before this training I knew little about human rights and my understanding was not very deep. If, I had not attended that training in Baguio, I may not have initiated my own organization and my focus could have been divided, but that training inclined me to focus my work on the rights based approach which I am doing today.

In addition to this, I also have developed Human Rights Media Monitoring Reports on a monthly basis to tell the world what is happening in Sindh with regard to human rights violation and abuses and I have circulate these reports to various stakeholders including human rights organizations, institutes, human rights activists, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, INGOs and Media Personnel and writers etc.

Most importantly, that training encouraged me to write on the human rights issues in local newspapers and till now I have written around 15 articles in local language Sindhi which have been published in daily awami awaz. You can see my recently published article on Sunday April 21, 2013, on the website: awamiawaz.net. I have written this article in the context of upcoming general election of Pakistan which is going to be held on May 11, 2013.

As far as further training are concerned, they would give me more expertise on the human rights subject and would enable me to conduct trainings for human rights activists, NGOs professional, and to write stories and articles on the subject and to write to different international organizations with more clarity and understanding. It would also give me an opportunity to have good and effective network of human rights activists around the work who could be our supporters in many ways aiming to protect the basic human rights of every citizen of Pakistan.

Further trainings can also enhance my intellectual capacity used for making strong lobbying with legislators and parliamentarians for further legislation on the human rights issues to give policy and constitutional protection to the people of grass root level. In addition to this, my confidence, my interaction and opportunities of working together could be increased.


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