Jasiya Khatoon

Director, WARBE Development Foundation

Active in Country: Bangladesh

DTP Trainer and Alumna: 2012 Migrant Workers Program in Qatar as a participant



DTP training has helped me on both a personal and professional level. The training developed my capacity in maintaining different national and international networking for migrant workers’ rights and she has stayed in touch with other participants from that 2012 program

Jasiya participated in DTP’s first Gulf program in Doha, Qatar in 2012. She is now the Director of WARBE DF (Welfare Association for the Rights of Bangladeshi Emigrants) Development Foundation.  In her role as Director, Jasiya manages different training programs and projects, and WARBE’s Migration Information Centres that provide information and counselling to victims.  She also maintains WARBE’s engagement with national and international networks. WARBE DF was a partner in DTP’s first program in Bangladesh in 2005 and is an active partner in its current capacity building program.

Jasiya’s experience with WARBE DF, from 2008 until now, has been primarily focused on grassroots advocacy, where she has worked to raise awareness amongst migrant stakeholder groups and help organize them in advocating to the national government to change relevant laws and policies on migration. Working closely with migrant workers, providing them with necessary training, information and Jasiya has been supporting them to perform their migration formalities and to make informed choices.  Over these years she has developed considerable experience in conducting different grassroots and national programs as well as documenting the migrants’ rights violations etc. She has facilitated training courses on safe migration process, Migration Act 2013, different conventions on migration, ToT of grassroots staff etc. She has facilitated to develop training modules, manuals, poster, booklet, IEC and BCC materials on safe migration issues.

In 2015, Jasiya returned to DTP as a trainer in its Bangladesh Capacity Building Program for Advocacy for Migrant Workers and Safe Migration training organized by DTP.

She has participated in different regional and international conference and training like Asian domestic workers (ADWA) conference in Indonesia, Training on Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM) in Philippines, World Social Forum (WSF) in Philippines, USAID Exchange Program in USA, 1990 UN Convention Anniversary program in Geneva, Switzerland etc. Currently she is working as a core working member for Bangladesh Civil Society Coordination Committee (BCSCC) in preparation for the 2016 Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD).

Participating in the DTP training has significantly enhanced my knowledge and skills on international human rights mechanisms, effective advocacy strategies and the human rights based approach to migration



Profile written August 2016