Khalida Brohi

Founder the Sughar Empowerment Society

Active in Country: Pakistan

DTP Alumna: 2008 Indigenous Program - Australia




Khalida Brohi participated in 2008 DTP Indigenous Program in Australia.


In 2009, Khalida founded the Sughar Empowerment Society, a non-profit social enterprise in Pakistan dedicated to providing tribal and rural women opportunities to grow their skills and learn leadership skills. Khalida Brohi has been named among Forbes 30 under 30; Newsweek magazine’s 25 under 25; Newsweek’s “100 Women Who Matter in Pakistan”. She has been awarded the “Woman of Impact Award” by the Women in the World Foundation; “Women Excellence Award” by National Government of Pakistan; “Martin Luther King ANGEL Award”; “Buffett Emerging Global Leader Award”.



Brohi has addressed numerous global forums, and received recognition from Oprah Winfrey, Christiane Amanpour, and Bill Clinton.


Khalida joined DTP’s 2008 Indigenous Peoples, Human Rights and Advocacy Program in Australia’s Northern Territory, developing new skills to train members of her local community in Indigenous human rights.


Honour killing is the murder of a person by members of their own family or social group, believing that the victim has brought dishonour on their family or community. In Pakistan, there are hundreds of honour killings each year and in most cases the victim is female, with her attackers being male relatives.


“After years of campaigning against honour killings, I have learned that the right strategy to fight negative traditions is not by standing against the values and beliefs of someone, but getting to sit together with them and letting them understand the reasons why some traditions and beliefs are right and some are wrong. This is what we are doing today with the tribal women of Pakistan through Sughar”


Profile was part of 2015 DTP's 25th Anniversary Exhibition


Khalida Brohi: How I work to protect women from honor killings