Kundan Gurung

Cluster Coordinator at Pourakhi Nepal 

Active in Country: Nepal

DTP Alumnus:  2016 25th Annual Program - Sri Lanka and 2013 Migrant Workers Program - Nepal 


After coming back from the training, it has given a new energy to work in the human rights sector. Also, sharing my knowledge with my colleagues that I learned during the training has helped them to know about different international agencies and the Diasporas.

Kundan participated in the 25th Annual Human Rights and People’s Diplomacy Training for Human Rights Defenders from Asia- Pacific region in Sri Lanka in 2016. He reflects now that the program gave him a greater platform to know about the Human Rights issues and the different UN/agencies and tools.It also made Kundan realise the importance of networking and building alliances.

Also, during the training, it was a privilege to meet the likeminded people who work in the different issues on human rights. This has boosted me personally to do better and give my effort on the issues I’m working with.

Kundan is currently the Cluster Coordinator at Pourakhi Nepal, working on the issues of women migrant workers. He focuses on building awareness on safe migration and alternative living options for potential and returnee women migrant workers in Nepal.

As I work on migrant workers issues, I have been in touch with my fellow DTP participant Rizky Oktaviana from Indonesia who is also working for the rights of migrant workers and Lindu Livan from Malaysia as we do have many Nepalese Migrant workers working in Malaysia.  As Lindu is not working in the migration sector, she helped me once by referring me to one of her friends who is working on the Migrant Workers issues. This has helped me and my organisation to understand the real situation of migrant workers in the country of destination in a short timeframe.


Profile written February 2017