Leonare Biau Nainoka

Coordinator-Resource Utilisation at Social Empowerment and Education Program

Active in Country: Fiji

DTP Alumnus: 2016 Human Rights, Indigenous Peoples, the Private Sector and Development – Indonesia & 2010 Human Rights Advocacy and Business Program - Indonesia

Networking with other delegates who share their experiences from all their different countries gives us a sense that not just Fiji is facing this but a lot of other countries are also facing this, on different levels…The idea is to help get learning from each other and take that and continue to network not just with participants but with DTP facilitators


Leonare is an alumnus of the 2010 and 2016 DTP Programs. He helps run the Social Empowerment and Education Program, an NGO in Fiji working to address the problems communities face because of extractive industries. Leonare and the team at the Social Empowerment and Education Program are dedicated to assisting communities affected by mining companies which carry out extraction activities without due diligence or proper community consultation.


The first DTP program Leonare attended provided him with a useful introduction to human rights while the program this year focused on engaging with UN mechanisms to address human rights violations. For example, following the suspension of the Fiji Human Rights Commission, DTP training meant Leonare was aware of and equipped to access alternative means of advocating and lobbying for human rights.


I was very happy with Lorelle, Patrick, Mathew and ELSAM and their depth of knowledge. Their teaching was a big plus – as we learned all the different instruments where we can advocate and lobby for issues that are affecting local communities…DTP is important because it contextualises some of these issues and brings all communities together. It helps people in articulating violations of human rights.


Hopefully we are going to go back to Fiji, re-strategise and start using these instruments so that violations happening to our people are removed…I’ve been communicating with my director and we are excited - I’m going to go back to Fiji and will have a day to deliver what I’ve learned and we are going to go full throttle with human rights.




Profile written July 2016