Lizzy Joseph

Lizzy is the Founder and State Coordinator of Domestic Workers Movement- Andhra Pradesh, which works in 10 districts of the state of Andhra Pradesh to organise domestic workers to promote their labour rights and social protection. Her organisation also works with children out of school, many of which are migrants and child labourers; and migrant overseas workers to enable informed migration and protection of their rights. Lizzy has played a major role in the recognition of domestic work in Andhra Pradesh, and consequently have it included in national legislation such as the Unorganised Workers Social Security Act and Minimum Wage Act. Her current responsibilities include following up violations against the rights of domestic and migrant workers and children, and organising pre-departure orientations for prospective overseas migrant workers. As her work concerns victims of violence, Lizzy is interested in learning of strategies adopted by other activists. Her participation in this training program is consequently a significant opportunity for her to network with other human rights defenders whilst also gain a deeper understanding of international laws protecting the rights of marginalised people, particularly women, child and migrant workers.


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