Lopeti Senituli

Lopeti Senituli holds a Bachelor of Arts degree (1981) and a Graduate Certificate in Education (1981) from the University of the South Pacific in Fiji.

His career in the public service began in 1982 as an Assistant Teacher in Tonga High School, Ministry of Education. In 1984, he was transferred and appointed to the position of Senior Executive Officer, Ministry of Labour Commerce and Industries and exited from the Public Service in June 1987. Since July 1987, Mr. Senituli held positions in various non-governmental organizations in the Pacific region and in Tonga, and from May 2006 until October 2010, returned to Government's employment as the Prime Minister's Press Secretary / Political Adviser.

In 2012, Mr. Senituli commenced his role as the new Chief Executive Officer for Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tonga.


Lopeti Senituli has been a particpant and trainer of our prorgams. Lopeti is also apart of DTP's Advisory Council (International)

Profile written March 2018.