Mayori Ruiva Shimray

Women Advisory Board Member at Northeast Association Goa

Active in Country: India (Northeast India)

DTP Program: 2004 Indigenous Peoples Program Australia


Prior to the DTP, I thought my targets to defend human rights were an ideology. After the training program, I have transformed and gained confidence in lobbying and campaigning against trafficking in women and children.  Learning about the role media plays and how to utilise it as an effective advocacy tool for Indigenous People’ rights has been very useful in my work to date.

Mayori Ruiva Shimray is from North East India and participated in DTP’s 2004 Indigenous Peoples Program in Australia.  The DTP training provided Mayori with enhanced skills and knowledge on campaigning, and effective ways to use media tactics.  She reflects on the value she acquired by sharing experiences, and how participants learned how to apply UN human rights instruments and principles to the different challenges they encounter.

One of the most memorable things in the DTP was learning about Jabiluka and how the traditional Aboriginal owners signed off on a historic agreement ending their long struggle against the controversial Jabiluka uranium mine. The field visit to the mining fields at Kakadu National Park was something I still remember fondly until this day.  

Mayori values the field visit to Jabiluka on the DTP program as it built her awareness of the plight of Australia’s Indigenous peoples. She hailed the success story of the historical agreement and was able to learn the lessons and experiences from this visit. She reflected it in her work she does in the mining in Northeast India. As an Advisory Board Member at Northeast Association Goa, Mayori works with more than 50 ethic tribes in rescuing children working in the mines in Northeast India. Despite the language and cultural barrier amongst the tribes, she holds networking and solidarity important – a lesson she gained from attending the DTP program.

Following the DTP course, Mayori worked at Third Eye, an Indian NGO that works to improve the lives of disadvantaged people, their families and communities through an approach that puts people at the centre of community development. Her focus is on trafficking of women and children. Mayori was promoted to Chairman of Third Eye, before she returned to her home town in North East India to start working on a grass root level and an Advisory Board Member at Northeast Association Goa.

DTP has moulded and shaped many participants that now work for the United Nations in Geneva and hold high decision making positions. Their outlook and work experiences have changed for the better after the program.  It has helped a lot of indigenous people and the poorest of the poor.  I respect DTP a lot! Especially for the work they have done!


Profile written March 2017