Md. Pervez Siddique

Manager - Advocacy, Media and Communication at BRAC

Active in Country: Bangladesh

DTP Alumnus: 2009 19th Annual Program - Timor Leste


Pervez is an alumnus of the 19th DTP Annual Program in Timor Leste 2009. He is currently working as a manager - Advocacy, Media and Communication - at BRAC, a development organisation dedicated to alleviating poverty by empowering the poor. BRAC has collaborated with DTP in the past and has sponsored a number of DTP alumni.

Pervez is also a film maker and uses lessons learnt from DTP and WITNESS in the production of films promoting peace and human rights. He calls himself a ‘peace activist film maker’ and is making a series of documentaries for Bangladesh television as well freelancing for the Refugee and Migratory Movements Research Unit (RMMRU) at the University of Dhaka, Manasher Jonno Foundation, OKUP (a grass roots migrants’ organization) and others.

Pervez is also the founding member of the first non-profit film-making organisation in Bangladesh called WITNESS Bangladesh ( He is also the national coordinator for National Alliances for Migrant Worker Rights (NAMR,B) currently working as a core working member for Bangladesh Civil Society Committee in preparation for the 2016 Global Forum on Migration and Development.


Pervez has sent us links some of his documentaries and short fictions (see links below).



Profile written May 2016