Mojibul Huq

I had the opportunity to participate in the 19th Annual Diplomacy Training Program in Timor-Leste (East Timor) on November 2009. The training allowed me to think about the right based approach to development; to learn how to document and to protest Human Rights violation issues within the country (Grass root to National) and internationally.

The training helped me to think about individual rights as well as community rights. It helped to motivate program participants (beneficiaries) to raise their voices in case of human rights violation issues from grass root to national and to motivate them to claim their rights as an individual or through Community Based Organizations (CBOs). As a planner; now I am able to integrate the Rights Based Approach to sustainable development at an early stage of project planning. I have been engaging marginalized / deprived / disadvantage communities as program participants. This engagement increasingly involves HR organizations, workers / activists, media houses and media peoples, service providers, Government officials and policy makers throughout the project implementation period.

The DTP training helped me to build a strong network with right based Advocacy, social communication and Human Rights organizations nationally and internationally.

I have been using lessons learnt in the training in staff development; as a facilitator continuously sharing human rights issues in training and orientation that I facilitate.

Since the training in December 2009 in Timor-Leste I have been working on the following:

  • Forming and coordinating a network on migration to established migrants’ rights named National Alliance for Migrants Rights Bangladesh (NAMRB); I jointly organized a campaign for the ratification of the UN convention on migrants’ and their family members (Bangladesh Ratified 24th August 2011); Campaigned for Migrants’ Voting Rights; decentralization of migrantion services to the doorsteps of potential migrants’ (already step taken by the BangladeshGovernment).
  • Leading social communication and advocacy program in favour of Ultra / Extreme Poor to established poverty rights (Access to existing Gov. services); the number is presently 10% of total 150 million populations of Bd; in 2002 it was 19% of total population.
  • Developing a working relationship with Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission, rights based organizations like Ain-O–Sahlish Kendra (ASK), Adhiker etc.
  • Member of Anti Smoking Alliance i.e. Work for Better Bangladesh (WBB) Trust; Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon means an alliance of protecting and promoting environmental rights.
  • Jointly organized South Asian Social Forum in Bangladesh on 18-22 November 2011 as BRAC representative.
  • Developed working relationship with ILO, UN women, IOM and have communication with Amnesty international, HR watch; UN periodic review report; environmental network, BBC media action group etc
  • Was awarded on March 2013 the ‘BRAC Values Award – 2013, for belief and practice of four core values of BRAC a. Integrity b. Innovation c. Inclusiveness d. Effectiveness; in everyday life and motivate BRAC staff to do the same.

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