Moses Havini

Representative of the Interim Government of Bougainville

Active in Country: Bougainville, Australia

DTP Alumnus: 1991 2nd Annual Program - Australia


Moses Havini participated in DTP's 2nd Annual Program in Australia in 1991.

Moses, born in Bougainville, was a dedicated campaigner for self-determination. Fleeing civil war in 1990 after the island declared independence; he spent 15 years in Sydney as the representative of the Interim Government of Bougainville for the region and the world. When the war ended and the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) was established, Moses’ diplomatic links with Australian politicians and the UN helped drive the Bougainville Peace Agreement. By 2005, negotiations with the PNG had established autonomy on Bougainville; Moses returned home to mentor the ABG.

Bougainville struggle for self-determination and independence from Papua New Guinea followed centuries of colonisation by foreign powers. But the cost has been high: years of political conflict and civil war have claimed thousands of lives.


Moses was a DTP alumnus who used the many contacts and friends he made through DTP to promote autonomy and independence for his birthplace.


Sadly, Moses Havini passed away on May 2 2015.


Profile was part of 2015 DTP's 25th Anniversary Exhibition