Mr Andre Frankovits


André Frankovits is co-author with Eric Sidoti and Patrick Earle of The Rights Way to Development: Policy and Practice. This volume has become influential in development debates, particularly within the UN. He facilitated and co-authored Working Together, the report of the international workshop on the Human Rights Approach to Development Cooperation jointly hosted by the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sida and the Swedish NGO Foundation for Human Rights. He was a consultant on the Human Rights Strengthening Project (HURIST) for the UNDP and the Office of the High Commissioner. He has facilitated workshops and seminars on rights-based approaches for donors and NGOs all over the world. A former Campaign Director for Amnesty International and Executive Director of the Human Rights Council of Australia, André Frankovits’ publications have appeared in Praxis, Organization, Food Policy, Development Bulletin and the web site of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.