Mr Brian Wyatt


Brian Wyatt is a Churchill Fellow who has had nearly 40 years’ experience in administration of Aboriginal affairs. He held the position of CEO with the Goldfields Land and Sea Council for 11 years and was the inaugural Chairperson of the National Native Title Council (an alliance of Native Title Representative Bodies and Native Title Service Providers from around Australia). Brian participates regularly in the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues as well as the Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. This has led to him being invited to represent the Pacific Region at various UN Permanent Forum Workshops on Mining and Indigenous Communities in Siberia and the Philippines as well as Conferences on Climate Change in Alaska and Copenhagen. He attended Rio+20 in Brazil in 2012 representing the Indigenous People Network of Australia.

Brian took up the role as CEO with the National Native Title Council in March 2010. Among other committees, working groups and dialogues involving extractive industries, he is a member of the First Peoples Water Engagement Council, Chair of the Murray Darling Basin Commission National Cultural Flows Research Committee, and a member of the Indigenous Science Review Panel of the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility.

Since his appointment as CEO of the National Native Title Council he has also spread his network through to areas such as the National Congress of Australia First Peoples, Indigenous Water Advisory Council, Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative with the Department of Resources, Indigenous Leaders Dialogue with the Minerals Council of Australia, the Indigenous Human Rights Network of Australia and the ANTaR Australia.