Mr Mahendra Pandey


Mahendra is the Chairperson of the Pravasi (Migrant) Nepali Coordination Committee (PNCC). PNCC is an organization formed by migrant workers mainly from the Gulf region to assist migrant workers faced with difficulties in Saudi Arabia. As Chairperson, Mahendra plays a key role in designing, planning, implementing, monitoring activities and networking for the Committee. He focuses on the protection and promotion of human rights issues of foreign migrant workers, and has conducted a number of program and activities across different levels to advocate the rights of Nepali migrant workers. In the past, Mahendra has collaborated with organizations such as Migrant Forum in Asia, the International Labor Organization and United Nations agencies, and as a district secretary for Amnesty International in the Palpa district. He has written a book, Saudi Arab Ek Chinari: An Introduction of Saudi Arabia, with the aim of providing migrant workers with information on the destination country.