Mr Nilim Baruah


Nilim Baruah has been working on migration issues since 1998, and earlier in the development field.

Before assuming his current responsibilities as Regional Migration Specialist at the ILO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific in October 2011, he was the Chief Technical Adviser (CTA) of ILO technical cooperation projects in Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe/Central Asia. Earlier he headed IOM’s (International Organization for Migration) Labour Migration Division in Geneva from 2002-2007. He has extensive experience concerning labour migration issues and labour migration governance as well as several publications on labour migration and remittances. He is co-author of the OSCE-IOM-ILO Handbook on Establishing Effective Labour Migration Policies (2006) which has been published in several languages. Prior to the IOM, Nilim Baruah worked with OXFAM and ActionAid. He is educated at University of Delhi and Carleton University, Ottawa, and has Master’s Degree in International Affairs (Development Studies stream).