Ms Hala Al Ali


Hala started to work with The National Human Rights Committee as a legal expert in 2006, working on labour issues in the investigations and in the complaints section, and is currently working with the international cooperation unit of the NHRC. She developed a booklet on “Workers’ Rights in Qatar” based on the Qatar Labour Law and other relevant legislation in Qatar, which was written in Arabic and translated in English, Farsi, Hindi, Indonesian, Tagalog, and Nepalese. Together with the American Center for International Labor Solidarity, Hala conducted a series of training seminars, in which leaders and activists from different community groups were trained, based on this booklet of Workers’ Rights. So far, she has trained about 80 trainers from different countries, who on their behalf have trained other people. Hala wants to continue her work to prevent many of the problems of migrant workers, especially those, which are result of lack of knowledge. Furthermore, Hala is a member of a working Group on Women’s Rights, which mission it is to design a profile of Women’s Rights and domestic workers in Qatar.

National Human Rights Committee (NHRC)