Narad Adhikari

DTP Alumnus 2002 12th Annual Program, Sri Lanka

Participant Biography from the program

Narad Adhikari is 37 years old and lives in Jhapa, Nepal. He holds a Bachelor degree in Comparative Studies on Indian Philiosophy. Prior to fleeing Bhutan, he was a Librarian for the National Library of Bhutan, and upon exile he became a founding member of the Bhutan National Democracy Party in 1992 in New Delhi. He is currently the General Secretary of the Druk National Congress - Bhutan, and is involved in monitoring the ongoing verification of Bhutanese refugees conducted by the Joint Verification Team, which is composed of Bhutanese and Nepalese government officials. Mr Adhikari is also involved in promoting youth leadership and aiding those Bhutanese who are not yet registered as refugees in Nepalese camps. He has also attended several international conferences where he campaigned and garnered support for the plight of Bhutanese refugees and the struggle for democracy and human rights in Bhutan.

Mr Adhikari has found it difficult to make an effective and meaningful contribution without training that provides knowledge and experience in campaigning for human rights and democracy for Bhutanese people, and believes that the training will enable him to learn what he needs in these areas.