Nitol Chakma

Name:                               Nitol Chakma  

Role:                                 Program Coordinator/ Masters Student

Organisation:                   Bangladesh Indigenous Peoples Forum/ Flinders University

Active in Country:            Bangladesh


DTP Program:                   25th Annual Program Sri Lanka


I thoroughly enjoyed the DTP training. There were so many people from other countries. They shared their ideas and experiences. Even after the training program, we exchanged our email address and our Facebook name. We still remain friends. When we have news about our advocacy campaigns, or about our work, or about our achievements – we share them!

Nitol Chakma is from the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) in Bangladesh. Nitol works at the Bangladesh Indigenous Peoples Forum (BIPF) as a Program Coordinator. He is responsible for planning and reporting on projects, organising and facilitating training, carrying out advocacy for Indigenous peoples’ rights, making documentaries on Indigenous peoples’ issues and advocating for the rights of Indigenous peoples. And part of Nitol’s role involves coordinating social media and networking opportunities with national and UN agencies. Nitol works to address the problems facing the Indigenous community in the CHT. These include land rights issues, land grabbing, rape and harassment. 

Nitol believes the DTP increased his level of understanding about domestic and international policies around Indigenous peoples’ rights and human rights issues.

The DTP training allowed me to think critically of the Indigenous peoples’ issues. It helped enhance my understanding of the human rights mechanisms available to promote and protect Indigenous peoples’ rights on a national and international level. This knowledge is very useful for my work and my life.

Recently, Nitol received an Australian Government Scholarship Program to study an MA in International Development at Flinders University in Australia.

The DTP training opened a window of opportunity for me. I realised that to advocate effectively, I needed to go back to university and study in international development. I wanted to build my skills and knowledge on advocating for the rights of Indigenous peoples, especially for the Indigenous peoples and marginalised peoples I work with in Bangladesh. 


Nitol begins his MA at the end of February 2018. Before going to Adelaide, he visited the DTP office in Sydney and met the DTP team. 


Interview conducted February 2018

Profile written February 2018