Pastor Cecilio Kawi Cawayan

President at We Care Outreach Ministry

Active in Country: Originally from the Philippines, works in Qatar and the Philippines

DTP Alumnus: 2015-2017 Migrant Workers Program


The training programs of DTP helped me build the knowledge and skills to protect and promote the human rights of migrant workers. It enabled me to do more and effectively use internationally agreed standards and mechanisms for the human rights of migrant workers in the Middle East.


Pastor Kawi is the Executive Director for Human Rights, Meanfid Qatar; President and CEO of We Care Outreach Ministry; and Head Pastor of Saviour and King Church International. He has attended DTP’s Migrant Workers programs in the GCC from 2015-2017. He looks after cases where victims have been physically assaulted or intimidated by their employers or sponsors, and victims who are faced with illegal termination and contract violations. He schedules counselling sessions for the victims, advises the victims to go to hospital for medical examination and the police to write a formal complaint. Pastor Kawi also coordinates with the embassies to provide the victims with assistance when filing a complaint.  Pastor Kawi and his colleagues at We Care Outreach Ministry were able to provide guidance to 100 plus workers. They arranged the rescue of 15 distressed Filipinos from jail convicted of absconding and We Care Outreach Ministry secured court appeals for them. 11 victims had their charges dropped and 4 had their cases brought to the Supreme Court in Qatar.


Pastor Kawi has extensive experience in advocating for the rights of migrant workers. He values the training programs conducted by DTP and Migrant Forum in Asia.


The program provides a valuable forum for sharing knowledge and skills, and for building networks and collaboration between countries of origin and destination. The program provides an opportunity for the participants to interact with experienced practitioners – trainers, facilitators and other participants, as well as build skills in advocacy techniques including lobbying and media.


Pastor Kawi collaborates with various stakeholders in ensuring the rights of migrant workers are realised.


The training enabled the participants to gain a better understanding of the role civil society, NHRIs, and the UN system can play in the promotion and protection of human rights, including the rights of migrant workers.


Profile written August 2017


 Pastor Kawi was featured in PILIPINO STAR NGAYON – PSN, published during the 119th Philippine Independence Day Celebration, June 12, 2017