Prakash Khadka

Coordinator for Quality Management and Communications at Caritas Nepal

Active in Country: Nepal

DTP Alumnus: 2011 21st Annual Program in Timor-Leste

Prakash’s work involves projects related to migrants, refugees, anti-trafficking, child rights, community development, emergency support to disaster-affected people, economic social rights, food security and climate change with Caritas Nepal, which operates in 50 of 75 districts in Nepal to empower the poor and marginalised, reduce poverty and provide humanitarian assistance for refugees in times of emergency and conflict.

Prakash is also a member of ICMICA-Pax Romana in Geneva. The ICMICA-Pax Romana is a global network of Catholic leaders committed to justice and peace. Since 1947, Pax Romana has served as a voice for justice, peace, and human rights at the UN and other inter-governmental organizations.  It has UN ECOSOC consultative status. Prakash found DTP’s training on lobbying and the UN system and mechanisms particularly useful to his work.

The DTP training enabled me to lead a coalition of 75 Nepali NGOs during the second cycle of Nepal's UPR review at the UNHRC Geneva in 2015. This included the preparation and submission of a joint report of eight different thematic issues, and diplomatic lobbying with permanent missions in Geneva.

In Nepal, Prakash advocated for the social and economic rights of the poor and marginalised groups in Nepal.  Advocacy by civil society on these issues was instrumental in the development of a new constitution by the Nepal Parliament, as well as making amendments to several existing laws that highlight and address better of the social and economic rights.

After the DTP training, I have been certified as a frontline human rights defender from the Dublin-based organisation Frontline Defenders. I also had another opportunity to participate in a training program on UPR in Geneva. Due to my human rights involvement, the government of Poland has invited me to attend the Warsaw Dialogue for Democracy program in December in 2017.

Prakash is also a regular columnist at He writes opinion pieces about the contemporary issues on human rights and social justice:



Profile written November 2017