Regional Workshop on Ethical Business and Recruitment Practices in Labour Migration (UAE, 12-14 December, 2016)

Location: Dubai

Program Dates: 12th-14th December 2016

DTP/MFA and MECTD successfully completed their 3rd Regional Workshop on Ethical Business and Recruitment Practices in Labour Migration from December 12th – 14th in Dubai, UAE.   There were 40 participants taking part over the 3 days of discussions – drawn from the private sector, civil society and governments of countries origin and destination.   This program built on the previous program in April, with greater participation from government and business.  There was a focus on relevant international standards, particularly the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and national laws including the UK’s Modern Slavery Act.  There were rich discussions among this multi stakeholder group. 

“The facilitators did an incredible job of guiding dialogue on divisive topics without sugar coating the issues, but remaining respectful and sensitive to the audience.” -  Participant feedback


The workshop presented an opportunity for participants to exchange views, and to develop their understanding of international standards and how they could be applied – to prevent and stop the abuses that have drawn international concern, and to provide avenues for redress.    Professor Paul Redmond and Associate Professor Justine Nolan, both Board members of the DTP led the sessions on international standards.


“Raising awareness of international standards and human rights responsibilities under the UNGPs is a vital part of improving the lives of migrant workers in the region in the long term, and a strategic need identified by numerous international NGOs and institutions working on the topic”. -  Participant feedback


A full report of the workshop will follow.  The report of the previous program is here.  DTP expresses its appreciation of its partners Migrant Forum Asia and the Middle East Centre on Training and Development and to SDC which funded the program.