Regional Workshop on Ethical Business and Recruitment Practices in Labour Migration (UAE, 27-29 April, 2016)

Location: Dubai

Program Dates: April 2016

This is a draft report on the second regional capacity building workshop on ethical business and recruitment practices in labour migration, organised and run by the Diplomacy Training Program in partnership with Migrant Forum Asia and the Middle East Centre for Training and Development from 27-29 April 2016.

Violations of the rights of migrant workers in Asia and the Middle-East have become a focus of growing international concern. The DTP and MFA have worked together since 2004 to build the capacity of advocates promoting the rights of migrant workers in Asia and the Middle East. Previous workshops provided advocates with knowledge of international standards on the rights of migrant workers, skills workshops that provide training for participants in implementing frameworks for policy development and opportunities to network with advocates from a diverse range of sectors.  

The April 2016 workshop brought together more than two dozen representatives from the private sector and civil society, as well as senior consular representatives from several key countries of origin for migrant workers, with a shared interest in protecting and promoting the rights and welfare of migrant workers in the Middle East.  Together, they worked to share an understanding of international human rights and labour frameworks and standards; to exchange examples of best practice; and to look at how progress can be made through collaboration between civil society, government and the private sector. 

See Program Report