Rizky Oktaviana

Coordinator at Department of Maritime, Serikat Buruh Migrant Indonesia (SBMI)

Active in Country: Indonesia

DTP Alumnus: 2016 25th Annual Program - Sri Lanka

Rizky Oktaviana participated in DTP’s 2016 25th Annual Program in Sri Lanka.  Rizky joined SBMI in 2014 as a coordinator of Department of Maritime. Before SBMI, Rizky was part of the 74 Indonesian Seafarers who were stranded in Cape Town, South Africa in 2013. At that time, Rizky and the other Indonesian Seafarers had no employment contract and legal representation. SBMI provided them and with legal assistance and guidance on financial support.

From the DTP training program, Rizky continuously built his network and efforts in promoting the rights of seafarers. He is now liaising with International Transportation and Allied Worker Federation (ITF) in Cape Town, South Africa to promote and protect the rights of Indonesian Seafarers.

Rizky attended the DTP training to learn more about the various advocacy and lobbying strategies, and international human rights principles and mechanisms.

In my work, I try to engage with the government to raise the issue of protection for Indonesian Seafarers who are working abroad. There is no international framework protecting their rights. I thought to myself that SBMI and I cannot work alone in advocating on this issue. And what I learnt from the DTP training is to build solidarity with other like-minded NGOs and advocates, thus I began to engage with Indonesian Migrant Workers Networking (JBM) and local TV channels in Indonesia

Rizky also engaged with fellow DTP alumni and together they conduct fact finding on Indonesian Seafarers working on fishing vessel. From this research, they held a press conference on policies surrounding the rights of Indonesian Seafarers.

In August 2016, Rizky was invited by International Organization for Migration (IOM)Seoul and Advocate for Public Interest Law (APIL) to attend a conference on ‘East Asia/Southeast Asia Regional Conference On Ethical Recruitment And Policy Harmonization In Fishing Industry’ in Seoul. The meeting brought together representatives from international organisations, non-governmental organisations and government representatives such as IOM from Vietnam, Cambodia, South Korea; governments representatives from the Philippines, Vietnam, South Korea; National Assembly Human Rights Forum;  Task Force of Illegal Fishing Republic of Indonesia (Satgas 115); Serikat Buruh Migran Indonesia (SBMI); Department of Overseas Labor, Vietnam; Ministry of Ocean and Fisheries ROK; Fishing Vessel Owner Association ROK; Civil Society Trafficking Korea and others. The meeting discussed the rights of migrant workers with a focus on seafarers’ rights. Rizky raised the importance of sending countries and destination countries to ratify ILO Convention 188.


Profile written February 2017