Ruth Ogetay

Pantau Foundation

Active in Country: West Papua

DTP Alumnus: 2013 23rd Annual Program - Timor Leste



Ruth Ogetay participated in the DTP's 23rd Annual Program in 2013 in Timor-Leste.

A member of the ethnic Mee community, Ruth works with the Jakarta-based Pantau Foundation in Papua, helping to organise humanitarian assistance for political prisoners arrested by the Indonesian military and to raise awareness of their plight. Ruth joined DTP’s Annual Human Rights and Peoples’ Diplomacy Training Program in 2013 in order to understand how human rights issues are developing in other countries, and to develop new strategies for tackling human rights violations in Papua.


Since the military occupation of West Papua by Indonesia half a century ago, there have been continuing reports of torture and other human rights violations carried out by Indonesian forces, including against independence activists. It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of West Papuans have been killed or died as a result of the occupation.


“Torture is still commonly used with impunity by Indonesian security forces in West Papua against those they suspect of supporting independence and against political prisoners. We work to document and expose its use, to support its victims and survivors and to bring an end to torture, even though there have been threats and intimidation”


Profile was part of 2015 DTP's 25th Anniversary Exhibition