Sathish Madhavan

Senior Reporter - Emirates 24/7 at Dubai Media

Active in Country: Dubai, UAE

DTP Trainer and Alumnus: 2013 and 2014 Migrant Workers Programs as a participant

Sathish is a Dubai based senior journalist from India who has been predominantly covering stories involving issues and challenges faced by expatriates in the UAE/Middle East. He is the author of Distressing Encounters: Real Life Stories from a Reporter’s Diary, Volume One, which is a compilation of human interest stories from 10 leading English dailies from the region about migrant workers living in the Gulf region. He is also involved in campaigns that promote the welfare of the expatriate community in the Gulf and uses the media as an advocacy tool and as a means of informing the people about the human rights violations occurring in the region. For the last 15 years, Sathish has successfully employed media intervention to help low income workers in the region receive medical aid and financial support.


The materials supplied during the training program were of immense help. Knowledge about various migrant worker rights, and existing international norms and conventions that I acquired from the DTP program has been used in my work. The best and most useful things that I gained from the program were through the round table discussion and special lectures delivered by guest speakers and experts as well as fellow DTP team members. Participation in the round table discussions was very useful. They opened new insight into the problems that migrant workers face, while the field trips to labour camps in Doha, Qatar, helped me get a firsthand account of the working conditions of Asian migrant workers in that country.


During the DTP program, we had the opportunity to interact with local human rights groups and government officials. Often, we hear only one side of the story, so talking with government officials widened our perception about migrant workers and the problems they face. DTP also helped facilitate networking opportunities with other socials workers and organisations in the region. This helps in identifying migrants’ problems and to address them, whenever possible. As a result of participating in DTP, I now have access to network with many human rights groups from Nepal, Bangladesh and some Middle Eastern countries, a dialogue which is continued through the MFA Online platforms.


I believe that the DTP and MFA could provide occasional training and group meetings to refresh our knowledge and help alumni keep in contact. When planning programmes, it would be better to organise such meetings keeping in mind the work schedule of the participants. Week long programmes can hamper normal work schedules and taking leave may be difficult. If the programme is on a weekend, it will be easier to participate.


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