Shah Alam Faruk

Role: Legal consultant, editor of an online portal and a human rights advocate.
Active in Country: Bangladesh/Britain
Programs Attended: 2007 Migrant Workers Program – Cambodia; 2008 Migrant Workers Program - Philippines

Shah Alam Faruk was working with Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK), a leading human rights organisation in Bangladesh, when he participated in two DTP programs.
The first was DTP’s 3rd regional capacity building program on the rights of migrant workers, which was held in Cambodia in 2007. The second was a special program in Manila in 2008 organised around the UN’s Global Forum on Migration and Development, and the Peoples Forum on Migration. This program enabled DTP participants to engage in advocacy with governments and global migration policy.

“I am highly appreciative of DTPs training programs. They widened the horizon of my advocacy.”

Faruk worked with ASK from 1998 to 2010, as one of the leading member of its investigation team. ASK investigation unit usually documented police torture, custodial and extra judicial deaths, torture of prisoners, violence against women and children, slum evictions, the arrest and torture on journalists etc. Their reports were used for litigation, national level advocacy as well as used by many international human rights organisations.

“DTP helped me a lot. It helped me gain knowledge about effective advocacy approaches. Despite working for many years in the human rights field, I was not fully aware of the multitude of advocacy tools available to human rights advocates. The training enhanced my knowledge on how to use local media, legal remedies, and UN mechanism more effectively. It helped me with many ideas about using those tools strategically,” Faruk said.

Back in Bangladesh, Faruk says he applied the knowledge gained from DTP in preparing advocacy materials to make ASK’s local human rights campaigns more impactful.
Faruk believes he was influenced by his father’s work as a lawyer, working for the poor and marginalised, those struggling to access the justice system. “From my high school years I used to help people in filing legal and administrative applications”. While he was working with ASK, he was affiliated with Bangladesh Bar Council as an Advocate in 2009.
Today, Faruk lives in England, where he is a legal consultant, an editor of an online portal and a human rights advocate. Recently he has passed his Bar Transfer Test (BTT) and has become a Barrister and his Call to the Bar ceremony is set for July 2022. In addition to practising law, Faruk is working to establish two migrant rights-based organisations named Asian Migrant Forum U.K. (AMF-U.K.) and Rights First International to facilitate the integration of migrants and refugees into British society. He also hosts live Facebook shows to facilitate discussion on human rights and democracy in Bangladesh. “I have learnt through my life that there are many different ways to contribute to human rights.”
Faruk feels a strong bond with DTP and he would like to share his experiences and contribute his resources to DTP activities in future. 

Profile written May 2022