Sharmin Subrina

Name: Sharmin Subrina
Role: Director Program
Organisation: Association for Community Development (ACD)
Active in Country: Bangladesh
DTP Program: 29th Annual Human Rights and Peoples’ Diplomacy Training Program, Timor Leste


DTP helped me to gain good practices and professional approaches which I can replicate in my work in Bangladesh for children and women, including victims of trafficking. The program was also an opportunity to connect with other participants from 11 countries who shared their human rights country situation and organizational work. It is needed to create an atmosphere for building capacity and confidence among the downtrodden and disenfranchised segments of populations, in particular, to be able to preserve their basic human rights and demand good governance and acountability.

Sharmin Subrina participated in the 29th Annual Human Rights and Peoples’ Diplomacy Training Program,DTP’s flagship two-week intensive education and training program specially designed on human rights and which provides a space to learn about the Timorese struggle for self-determination and human rights.  As part of this program, Subrina felt greatly honored to attend the official ceremony for the 20th Anniversary Celebration on August 30, 2019 of the Referendum, when, with great courage, the Timorese people voted for their independence.

Subrina has been working with the Association for Community Development (ACD) since 2005 and serves in the senior management team. ACD’s goal is to achieve the rights of people, especially the disadvantaged and vulnerable women, adolescents and children at grassroots levels through improving their socio-economic, political and cultural status, ensuring social justice and good governance. Being the pioneer organization working on counter-trafficking initiatives in the northern part of Bangladesh, ACD received the Anti-Slavery International Award in 2001 for protecting women and children from bonded slave or slavery like practices; and the UN-HABITAT Regional Office for Asia and Pacific Award 2007 on ‘Gender and Rights-Responsive Sustainable Cities in Asia and the Pacific’.

ACD brings together community members of different ethnicities and class, to address human rights violations and also to tackle the underlying causes of these violations. ACD’s village development committees aim to strengthen local justice system through enhancing capacity of village arbitration committees, Violence Protection Committee and People’s Organizations which improve access to justice for disadvantaged and marginalized groups and enhance their human rights process and practices in the rural areas.

Subrina has demonstrated innovative practices of empowering the women, adolescents and children whose lives have been suppressed and shattered in the traditional patriarchal social norms and power structures, poverty and sexual violence.

The DTP course strengthened Subrina's conviction that in the end, strong collaborative effort within and across borders and causes can ensure human rights in the world.


Profile written October 2019.