Shivantha Rathnayake

Program Officer, Facilitator/Resource Person in Peace & Conflict Resolution at The Centre for Communication Training

Active in Country: Sri Lanka

DTP Alumnus: 2016 25th Annual Program - Sri Lanka


After the DTP, I have a clear understanding of the Universal Periodic Review and UN treaty bodies. The advocacy and lobbying tools have taught me how to improve the way I establish and influence networks with my partner organisations.

Shivantha participated in the 2016 25th Annual Program in Sri Lanka.  Shivantha is a Program Officer, Facilitator/Resource Person in Peace and Conflict Resolution at the Centre for Communication Training in Sri Lanka. He focuses on maximising opportunities for the youth, through educating them on peace building, conflict resolution and democracy.

I was inspired to become a peace activist when I attained my Peace and Conflict Resolution Bachelor Degree in 2006 at University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka. I was selected as an academic/trainer and was fortunate to go to war-affected area and meet with victims. I spoke about the importance of peace building and conflict resolutions 

On the DTP program, Shivantha shared his stories with fellow human rights advocates from the region – and remembers most the stories by two Bangladeshi participants who spoke about the rights of indigenous peoples in Bangladesh and the tragedy surrounding the Chittagong Hills Tract.  He believes the DTP program can allow participants from the region to build solidarity, learn from each other’s success stories and campaigns.

The networks I have established at DTP have helped me realise that Sri Lankans can assist in the situation in Chittagong Hills Tract. The Buddhist population in Sri Lanka has a very influencing voice within government. Sri Lankan Catholics have been able to maintain unity for the Pakistani Catholics even though they are a small minority group. I believe we can do the same in Bangladesh. During the DTP discussions, we discussed how we can campaign.

This is an example of what DTP does – giving space for human rights defenders and advocates to share stories and knowledge, whilst building long-lasting relationships.



Profile written March 2017